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W.A. Scholtenlaan 19, 9615 TG KOLHAM, The Netherlands
Tel +31 (0)598 63 17 66, Fax +31 (0)598 63 29 16, E-mail

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Ankerbeer b.v. was founded in 2002 and, within a few years, has developed into a full-service engineering firm with 10 employees. Despite its relatively young age, the firm has become firmly embedded in the ship-building industry. The son of a ship-builder, founder-proprietor and engineer Reint Smit was born almost literally at the ship yard, where he has stayed ever since. After his education at a school for Higher Professional Naval Engineering, he entered into the employment of the family firm of E.J. Smit, where he engaged in all disciplines. After that, he occupied the position of Director of Engineering at Van Diepen's shipyard at Waterhuizen (Netherlands).


Ankerbeer does engineering work for various clients at home and abroad.
Its employees each have their own field of expertise, ranging from the production of 3D-construction drawings to making all the requisite theoretical calculations, designs, lines, etc.
Moreover, Ankerbeer advises shipyards at the managerial level with regard to organisation and logistics. The service package also includes building supervision and surveyor's reports.