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W.A. Scholtenlaan 19, 9615 TG KOLHAM, The Netherlands
Tel +31 (0)598 63 17 66, Fax +31 (0)598 63 29 16, E-mail

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It all starts with an idea. But, in the end, all our work has to result in a vessel that best suits the client's basic ideas and requirements. To this, we add cost-efficient construction and an economically viable operation of the ship.
Ankerbeer uses a step-by-step engineering process aimed at completing this process in the best possible way and monitoring all engineering stages in an effective manner. At each step, we monitor the consequences for building and ­ parallel to that ­ for operating the ship.    


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Ankerbeer is independent and is therefore able to propose concepts in which the client's interests take central place.
Once we know the specifications, we can work on a design that best meets the ship-owner's requirements and is not merely based on the shipyard's abilities or inabilities.
In each project, we guarantee a good and time-efficient method of construction.



Our team is highly qualified, creative and, above all, hands-on.  They work with the latest versions of NUPAS-Cadmatic, the calculation program Pias, the fairing/hull-design program Fairway, and construction calculation programs such as Mars/Poseidon.
With these tools, their expertise, and experience, they can solve complex problems and translate them into carefully produced nesting files and workshop drawings, thereby considerably reducing the risk of errors and simplifying work preparations.