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W.A. Scholtenlaan 19, 9615 TG KOLHAM, The Netherlands
Tel +31 (0)598 63 17 66, Fax +31 (0)598 63 29 16, E-mail

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Ankerbeer aims to establish long-term relations with clients by putting their interests at the centre. Moreover, as an engineering firm, we contribute towards the safety and productivity of ship crews. In all our advice and work, our concern for people and their environment has a high priority.

As an expertise-based firm, we develop innovative solutions on the basis of creativity and the latest know-how. This should lead to a reduction in costs at all stages of construction and to an economically attractive operation of the ships engineered by Ankerbeer.

The Management and its staff are sensitive to the societal context in which they work. The firm will therefore not provide quotations or offer services to clients whose morality and ethics are in doubt.   

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